January 18, 2021
How To Get AdSense Account Approved With A New Blog/Domain in Two Days (Tips & Tricks)

How To Get AdSense Account Approved With A New Blog/Domain in Two Days (Tips & Tricks)

If you’ve been searching for How to get your AdSense account approved quickly, this article is for you.

How i got my AdSense account approved in two days is a must share with you. Despite the fact that AdSense approval depends on the niche of your blog, the below tips would work as perfect as Merlin’s Magic, if properly implemented.

To get your AdSense account approved quickly, there are certain things(terms) you must oblige to. Those things and terms you’re to meet so as to quicken your AdSense account’s approval are my reasons for writing this article.

Without much waste of time, lemme hit the crux of this article. It will be advisable to save this page in your Browser, this will make it available for you anytime you wish to access it. Now carefully do the below things for faster AdSense account’s approval…

Write Regularly to Make Sufficient Posts on Your Blog. 

Bloggers that make posts regularly, depending on their blog’s niche are believed to stand a chance of getting their AdSense accounts approved faster than others. Tech, Health, Insurance, Blogging Tutorial etc, are among the niches that get quick AdSense approval.

There must be a reasonable number of posts on your blog before your apply for AdSense. Making at least one post daily is not much for a serious blogger in need of AdSense, though you can leave it for as low as one post in two days. Anything below three posts in one week is arguably too poor for a blogger. Write posts regularly to enhance readers engagement and increase returning visitors to your blog, its of the essence in blogging.

You will need to have at least, 35 to 40 posts on your blog before applying for AdSense, for those using WordPress. However, this varies as in the case of Google’s Blogger (.blogspot), for with blogspot blogs, one can apply and get AdSense with number of posts as low as 20 and above (my former blog is an evidence).

Meet Up With AdSense’s Minimum Number of Words

When fabricating posts for a blog you want to use to apply for AdSense, there are number of words required and many people aren’t aware of this. Your posts must consist of at least 450 words, this is partially the reason why some bloggers  see “Insufficient Posts” when they apply for AdSense, you may have a hundred posts, but the number of words in each posts isn’t up to the required figure. You must also endeavor to include at least 3 posts of not less than 1500 – 2000 words, it will surely help.

Adding The Compulsory Pages to Your Blog : Contact Us, Privacy Policy, etc..

You can never get Your AdSense account approved without these vital pages. A good Blogger need not to be told to add these pages to his/her blog, while the “Contact Us” pages strenghtens the link of communication between you and your visitors, the “About Us” page explains to your visitors what your blog is all about, and the privacy policy tells them “What to do & What not to do” (Dos & Don’ts) . These pages are best placed at the “Header” or the “Footer” of the blog.

Create High Quality and First-Time Contents

If am not mistaking, this is yet the most important aspect of this quick AdSense approval tutor. Neither low quality nor copied contents can get your AdSense approved. You got to sit down, think and write new blog posts of your own, with knowledge gathered through your research or generated by you. Grammatical errors are the second AdSense approval enemy, try avoiding them as Google use very intelligent bots to carryout any AdSense duty.

Use AdSense & Mobile Friendly Template :

Using AdSense and Mobile friendly templates(themes) is of the essence in AdSense pursuite. Sometimes AdSense will say “This site does not comply with our policy” , most of the case is because the theme is not AdSense and Mobile friendly. Mind you, the process of AdSense approval is being carried out by tremendously intelligent Google bot, which does only what its programmed to do, so help make crawling easier for these bots. For those it could push into a kinda sticky-wicket to optimize their template to be AdSense friendly, just google “AdSense Friendly Themes/ Templates” , there are hosts of them out there or you’d better use Blogger Templates or WordPress Templates provided by them, these can serve.

Avoidance of Third Party Ads, Affiliate Programs:

Too many newbie bloggers sought quick online money, thereby thronging quick approving Ads. Avoiding third party Ads is a must, if you must acquire approved AdSense account of your own. Even top Ad Networks like:  media.net , Propeller Ads Media, Chikita, Tribal Ads, Bidvertizer, Pop Ads etc… should be avoided alongside Top affiliate programs like : ClickBank, Commission Junction, Hosting Services etc….

Your AdSense account can never on earth be Approved if any of the Ads/Affiliates listed in the above paragraph is sported on your blog.

Add Analytic Code to Your Blog : 

Even if am Google AdSense myself, i will never dare approving your AdSense account if i can’t see your blog’s Analytic Code. It means you are only concerned about the money and not your visitors, who will probably bring you that money. Submit your blog to Google Analytic, install the code to your blog. This will quicken your AdSense account’s approval.

Use Custom Domain and Email 

This doesn’t mean you can’t get approved  AdSense account with subdomain/free domain, but custom domain is a catalyst in this process. To earn some cash, try investing some cash. Purchase a custom domain, its not gonna cost you a billion Dollars.

Getting Fair Traffic to Your Blog : 

Google has never list “Poor Traffic” as a reason for declining any AdSense account. but you must endeavour to be getting some. This will matter a lot to how long it will take for your AdSense account to get approved. Optimize your site for search engines to crawl it better. If greater percentage of your traffic comes from search engines, Google will not just approve your AdSense but also surprise you with very high CPC.

Make Sure Your Niche is AdSense Approved

To get your AdSense account approved, your blogging niche must be first approved and supported by Google AdSense. New and Entertainment is the most popular niche out there, but its easier for a horse to go through an eye of a needle than this niche to get approved by AdSense.

Add Blogger Badge To Your Blog’s Header Section (For Blogsopt Users Only):

Should i call it a trick but it has work for me all these while. After requesting for AdSense, i have always add Blogger badge to my blog’s header for reasons i can’t quite explain, and any of my requests has never been turned down. The badge could he added through the

  1. *Layout >> Add New
    *‎At the bottom of those widgets been shown to you, you will see “Make Blogger Proud, Add Badge”. Select any badge you like and add it to your blog.

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