January 18, 2021
How To Manually Submit New Blog Posts to Google/Bing For Index in 3 Mins (Pictures)

How To Manually Submit New Blog Posts to Google/Bing For Index in 3 Mins (Pictures)

Manually submitting your new posts to Google and Bing Webmaster Tools for Index, helps your posts appear in Google searches faster than  sitting back and humbly waiting for Google/Bing to automatically index your posts/pages for you.

I know how much you wish your new posts should start showing up on Google search results as soon as posted. Though very useful for all bloggers, if you run a Music Download blog, Sports blog or News blog, you are likely to be the one in most need of this tactic. This is a no blackhat method of page ranking as it has nothing to do with your page ranks on google or bing search engine, this is just a way to quicken the time needed for the indexation of your web pages. If your posts/pages are well optimized, they will attain a better position in Google or Bing search results.

How To Manually Submit New Blog Posts to Google/Bing

I will expound how you can manually submit your posts to Google and Bing. This will be of a great asset to those who understand its need and importance.

Base on alphabetical order, i will start with “Bing Webmaster Tools” URL Submission.

How To Submit Your New Posts to Bing for Index

Follow the below step-by-step to submit your new posts, manually to Bing Webmaster Tool. Hopefully, you’ve submit and confirm your site with Bing Webmaster Tools, if you’ve not, submit now.

1) Open your “Bing Webmaster Tools” dashboard

2) Select “Configure My Site” and from the drop down menu, select “Submit URLs”

3) Now, in the box for “Submit URL” , enter the URL of the Post you plan to submit, then hit the “Submit” button.

You can submit as much as 10 posts on a daily basis and the total of 50 posts for the whole month. The maximum number of posts submission is way too poor for  News blog, Sports blog and Music Download  blog  owners as they sometimes make hundreds of posts on monthly basis. If you run a typical News blog, try selecting and submitting those news you know could drive you large tons of traffic from search engines. Posts that are likely to have high search query are of the Politics, Sports and Celebrity category. One might catch a glimpse of these over the Radio or TV and decide checkout for its details on the net. Now, you will stand a chance of matching the search query, if your page is well optimized.

Note: News about Donald Trump is not the same as that concerning a mere Local Govt Chairman. Try submitting pages based on “Importance and Popularity”

Hopefully you now know what to do, lets head to “Google Search Console”.

How To Submit Your New Posts to Google Search Console For Indexation

Submitting a web page to Google Search Console is pretty different to that of Bing Webmaster Tools. Here in Search Console, its termed “Fetch as Google” . Lemme hammer the nail straight. Use the below step-by-step guide to manually submit your new blog posts to Google for index. Sign up, submit and verify your blogsite with Google Search Console if you’ve not.  https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/home?hl=en

1) Open your Google Search Console Dashboard, and select the site you want to submits its posts.

2) Select “Crawl” and from the drop down menu, Scroll down to and click “Fetch as Google”

3) Now, carefully enter the URL to your post removing the http://www.mysite.com/ as shown in the below image and click the “Fetch” red button.

5) As in the below image, click on “Request Indexing” on the URL you submitted.

6) From a window that will pop up, select the “Crawl Only This URL” if you run a news, sports, music blog. For those that run blogs of other niche, select the “Crawl this URL and its direct links” . Prove you’re not a robot and click the “Go” button.

NOTE: You can submit as much as 500 posts per month, if you select the “Crawl only this URL” option. But if you select the “Crawl this URL and its Direct Links” , you can be able to submit only 10 posts in a month. The later is for those of us who run this kinda blog that seriously demand link building.

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