January 18, 2021
How To Make Extra Money With Your Unlimited Hosting Plan (For Those Using Unlimited Hosting)

How To Make Extra Money With Your Unlimited Hosting Plan (For Those Using Unlimited Hosting)


Once you pay for an unlimited hosting plan, you can also make extra money with your hosting plan. Who doesn’t like money?, the main problem is “How To Get Money”. Some people are in the right channel to make extra money because they think deep, make research, read blogs and Take Actions.

How To Make Extra Money With Your Unlimited Hosting Plan

There is a way i found out, which would help you make extra money only if you’re on an unlimited hosting plan. This could help you bag as much monthly income as you wish, its a business that has help one of my clients a lot.

Making Extra Money With Your Unlimited Hosting Plan

Reach out for Blogspot users, who would wish to migrate over to WordPress, or WordPress users who are on a limited plan. Convince then to come get an unlimited hosting with your plan and enjoy.

Once they admit your offer, charge them around 30% of your hosting plan and continue hunting for new bloggers to host their blog on unlimited hosting plan. You can be able to convince as much as 10 – 15 bloggers into hosting their blog on your unlimited hosting plan and you know how much you would be making every month.

How To Add Their Domain To Your Unlimited Hosting Plan
Add-on Domains: You will have to do this via the add-on domains section of your cpanel.

Go add their domain through the add-on domains, also endeavor to create them a free custom email address.

Ask them to change their nameservers to that of your hosting provider so that it could work out properly

Now, install WordPress for them through your cpanel, give them the “Login ID” of the WordPress you created and not that of your cpanel. Now they can login to their WordPress create, edit and publish new posts.

*The higher the number of people you host their domains, the higher your monthly/ annual income.
*‎You would stand a better chance of getting backlink from these clients of yours, as they may not turn down your quest for one.
*‎You could generate money that would annihilate your hosting expenses.

This could be stressful (but money is in the thorns)

This hikes security threats, if you grant them access to your C-Panel. (You’er advised not to do so)

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