January 18, 2021
How To Plant Watermelon in Your Farm/Garden Anywhere in The World

How To Plant Watermelon in Your Farm/Garden Anywhere in The World

Watermelon is a large type of melon, it has green, hard skin and black tiny seeds. Its contains plenty of water and some vitamins in its seem to be red water. Watermelon is a fruit we eat all the time, and is very essential in tackling certain diseases from the body.

Planting Watermelon requires a large quantity of water supply, this is the main the reason its planted in rainy season, unless you have enough water supply and ready to water your Watermelon farm twice in a day, you can plant your watermelon in the dry season.

You can setup a complete Watermelon plantation by your self, as it not a big deal. Setting up your Watermelon plantation is what i must teach in this article, just read this to the end and you will understand what i mean and all the essential methods of application.


• A Planter or a small piece of land
• Loamy soil (that you will put into the planter)
• Watermelon seed (Buy Watermelon fruit, eat and gather the seeds you usually bin)
• Water

Method 1: How to Plant Watermelon in A Planter (If you can’t get planter, just skip to Method 2, its for you)

• Fill your planter with Loamy soil
• Pour some water into it, but don’t get it waterlogged.
• With one of your fingers, open the soil, and put a seed inside, then close it. (You can also make use of a stick, in place of your finger).
• Repeat this step till you’ve plant all your seeds.
• It doesn’t take long to germinate, just around 6 days, it will start coming out of the earth.
• When its an inch+ above the soil, transplant it to its permanent position.
• Never forget to water it, if in dry season, but the skies will do that for you in the rainy season.

Method 2: How to Plant Watermelon in a piece of land.

  • • Just clear your piece of land of weeds, gather them and  use them to mulch your farmland.
    • Get a piece of stick, use it to open the soil and put in just a seed, then close the soil.
    • Give some space and repeat the above process, till you’re done with all the seeds.
    It doesn’t take much time, just around 6 days and its all done.

With the above ideas i gave you above, you can now successfully plant watermelon on your own, then eat or sell them when its ripe.

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