January 18, 2021
How To Plant Sweet Potatoes in Your Farmland/ Gardens Anywhere in The World

How To Plant Sweet Potatoes in Your Farmland/ Gardens Anywhere in The World

Potato is a round white vegetable that has brown or red skin, its a root crop and grows underground of its leave. Potato or Sweet Potato is very rich in protein, its the raw material behind many processed foods. Potato is either boiled, fried, roasted, baked and its also used to make Potato Crisp.

Planting Potato could be for commercial purpose, as its not too cheap to purchase in the market, then it could be for consumption so as to reduce expenses and cost of purchase. Good, if you wanna learn to cultivate Potato on your own, gonna show you how its done. There are two methods for planting this, based on the location of your farmland i.e Water Meadows & Uplands.


• Piece of land in the Water Meadows or in the Uplands
• Potato Leaves/ Stem (You can buy this from the nearest local market, or meet farmers who are uprooting and selling to potatoes to get their stems)

How to Cultivate Potatoes in Water Meadows

There is a special time for Water Meadows Agriculture, because this pieces of land is always flooded in the rainy season (Uji/ Iji in Igbo Language). People whose farms are in the water meadows start to clear their farmlands in the onset of dry season, when rivers have already start drying back to their normal position, normally in December/January, but it differs depending on the topography of your geographical region. Wherever you are, immediately rivers start to dry after the Rainy season’s flooding, clear your farmland and start farming.

• Clear your farmland of bushes
• Make your moulds/ ridges
• Start to put your long roap-like potato stem into the soil and cut
• Repeat this process till all your farmland has been cultivated.
• It takes around one week to start getting new leaves.

How to Cultivate Potatoes in The Uplands

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