January 18, 2021
How To: Amazing Tricks to Get People to Buy Your Ideas

How To: Amazing Tricks to Get People to Buy Your Ideas

The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it but if you want to take it, below are helpful tips for winning. We all want to win in a argument even when we know we’re wrong. Selfishness is the prelude to argument because you want your opinion to be admitted and celebrated over your opponent’s. Don’t worry i said “Selfishness”, every human being is selfish at a point.

The hardest word to say while in the middle of an argument is “Am Wrong”. Guess what, most of the times, “Am Wrong” is what your opponent expects of you and vice versa. Here, both of you wants the opponent to admit being wrong, but neither is willing to admit, the argument then continues. There are so many tricks you can use on your opponent to get them believe in your opinion, but you must also admit to their in a way. Read this article to the end so as to get every bit of the information i hide in the sixth paragraph.

Tips To Win An Argument & Make Your Opponent Buy Your Opinion.

Show Respect For The Other Person’s Opinions, Never Say “You’re Wrong”:

If you never respect other person’s decision, no one would respect yours. You cannot be given what you can give out or even in return. Have respect for people’s opinions and yours will receive some respects in return.

Although an argument is ladened with disagreements and objections, never use the sentence “You Are Wrong”. There are certain words you can use in place of this “I admit to that but….”. ” You have a point there but….”. You can use the above phrases to disagree in a very learned manner. If you implement this tactic, you will see your opponent trying to return the respect by responding in a manner, very polite. This happens often because respect it believed to be to reciprocal.

If You Are Wrong, Admit it Quickly and Emphatically:

Here is the line of separation between argument between literates and one between illiterates. Literates are believed to understand arguments as mere communication and sharing personal ideas on a general issue. Where as illiterates see it a tussle for who is more Literate, thereby never admitting when completely wrong. The later argument usually end in a fight or exchange of disrespectfully abusive words.

If you are reading this, never let your argument get to the stage of using abusive words on your opponent. Arguments could teach a lot when either of you willingly admit being wrong. No one is above argument, but fighting and using verbally abusive words is very degrading. Once you admit you are wrong, you will see your opponent trying to cover you up emphatically, being like “You are right, i know, it’s just that …..”. A scenario like this could bring out the streak of mutual understanding in you.

Begin in A Friendly Way:

If an argument should end in friendly manner, then i must start in the same manner. Arguments that begin abusively tend to lost focus along the want and incidentally turns a fight. Call your opponent by their name if you know it, or call the friend, if you don’t. This will get him struggling to sound nice amidst the fusing disagreements.

When you want to dash into the arguments, you could start with “but John, didn’t you think that……” OR “but friend, didn’t you think that ……”. The goal is to convince your opponent and not to abusive them.

Nod While You Talk to Get Your Opponent Saying ” Yes, Yes”:

Amidst a disagreement, yes could simply mean subjection to opponent’s opinion. You can get your opponent saying yes yes if you nod while looking at him and voicing out your opinions. They will be forced to “Yes” your opinion despite their objections. All their objections will be buried in them and they could never say any more word that could stir the arguments.

Let The Other Person Do A Great Deal of The Talking:

Hey, subdue your objections and be a good listener here. Never cut in until your opponent is done talking, this will make him wait for you while you talk. Let the opponent do more of the talking while you fish tangible reason of objection as he speaks. Once he’s done talking, hit him with one of those reasons you’ve got and watch him start the explanation again. You could learn a lot from this, if your opponent’s got tangible stuff to share.

Try Honestly to See Things From The Other Person’s Point of View:

Some arguments die away so easily because either of you honestly imagine thing from the opponent’s point of view. If you sincerely see things from an opponent’s point of view, you will see that your opponent is not wrong but has a different opinion. This happens almost all the times, so do imagine things from your opponent’s view and see it’s just a mere self perspective of a situation. If you do this and understands him, he could just proclaim you are right, i have seen it happen.

If you do all these and your opponent, still doesn’t believe in you, walk away from that argument as it’s never meant to stop. Unless one person cease and resist temptations to revive that argument, it could go on for more 72 hours.

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