January 18, 2021
Positive Lifestyle: How to Be Liked by People Around You

Positive Lifestyle: How to Be Liked by People Around You

We all want to be liked and cherished by everyone around us, but our body languages tend to oppose this desire. You can achieve your desire for likeness after reading this particular post of mine.

It’s said that “You can only get what you give out”. That’s if you want to be liked by people, be ready to like and show interest in them firstly or in return.

Tips to Get People to Like You More

Become Genuinely Interested in Other People:

Becoming interested in other people isn’t the same as being nosy. Here you show interest in them because you truly care about them, not to fish for faults and seize them against the person.

When you really care about everyone that comes around you, you will see them feeling connected to you. They will always want to spend more time with you and know how you feel. Showing interest in makes them confident they’re good for your type and they will strive to return the favour.

Benefits of Showing Interest in Others:

1) You will get their interest as return of favour.
2) They will introduce you to their own friends, thereby expanding your friend zone.
3) They will speak so good of you behind you, just like those that disgust you will speak ill of you.
4) They will serve as connections to you (Should any good opportunity come up through their lane).

Smile More Often

It was said that “Smile is the most beautiful attire you can put on”. Smiles could even create false sense of a peaceful atmosphere where there is non. Smile as often as you can when around people, this will make them see you as a free person.

A smile could be detected from hundreds of feet away, thereby making it the most easily identifiable facial expression. According to psychologists “Because we often smile when we’re happy, even if you smile when bothered, your brain and body will assume you’re happy”. So, smiles are generally good for our, aside the topic of this article.

We all judge by appearance (facial expression) the first time we meet person. If you’re not able to put up some smile on your face, you will be automatically tagged a wicked being. Endeavor to put smiles on your face when talking to people, it creates a good of you in them. This will make them like you so much and want to see your smiling face more often.

Call People by Their Names

Calling people by their names, automatically creates a sense of humor in you, whether true or false. This makes them think you like their names. They will listen to you with rapt attention not for your impressive words but with hope of hearing you call their names once more.

Make people feel free, loved and valued around you by calling them by their names when talking to them. Nicknames would sound better if you know theirs. When you call anyone by hey, bro, they will perceive you don’t value them. Call them by their names and they would be like “Good, he knows me very well”, and this will make them like you a lot.

Be A Good Listener and Respect Their Opinions

Desist from cutting in on people, even if you have objections. Your objections must come only when they’d done saying theirs and in a friendly way. Never use the word “I Disagree with you” for it’s condescending. You can replace it with “You have a point there but…”, the person would believe you really respect their opinions, even if you don’t.

Listen to all they have to say with rapt attention. If they want to stop but you want to hear more, do not say a work, look into their eyes, lean forward and node while they talk. When they want to stop, they will continue and when they run short of words, they will tell you those they preserved from you earlier. Psychologically , if you want to get those words they planned to keep from you, do this and you will get them all.

Sincerely Make The Other Persons Feel Important

Taking steps that will prove you’re interested in them is of the essence. No one hates person who makes them feel important and needed. Make them believe their their happiness, interest and well being is of the essence to you.

Try knowing how they feel and how they’re doing about certain other things. Ask them deep questions about them and wait for them to tell you in full. If you do this to a person of the opposite gender, they will automatically develop emotional affiliation towards you. Make their interests a priority and be bothered when they are, this will bring about strong intimacies.

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