January 18, 2021
Agriculture: How To Start Yam Cultivation/ Production on Your Farmland Anywhere in The World

Agriculture: How To Start Yam Cultivation/ Production on Your Farmland Anywhere in The World

Yam is one of the most important plant in root crops and tubers. Its the root of a tropical plant usually a tuber and Its very high in carbohydrate. There are so many varieties of Yam ranging from White Yam, Yellow Yam, Chinese Yam etc. Yam is so much valued in Africa and is one of their major farm produce.

Agriculture: How To Start Yam Cultivation/ Production

Cultivation of Yam is a kinda problem to some people who live in the city but wish to have yam farm, not just that, students could also wish to setup a little garden around their house/hostel, and this piece of article could help. Once You have your Farm/Garden tools ready, you’re good to go.

What Time Is It?? The Right Time
Like the book of Ecclesiastics said, “There is time for everything”, so is there time for Yam cultivation. There is a right time that you should cultivation your yams so that the seedlings could germinate. This has two ways of doing it, “Water Meadow Farmlands” and “Upland Farmlands”.

Water Meadow Farmlands: Farmlands in the water meadow has their own method for yam cultivation. Unlike the upland farmlands, their soils have some water in and around them. Despite the often availability of water to these parts of farmland, there is still a particular time for you to cultivate them.

Farmlands in the water meadow, during rainy season get flooded and dries up once the rainy season is gone. The right time to cultivate Yam in water meadow farmlands, is in the outskirt of rainy season, immediately the river began to dry up, you’d make your mounds and starting sowing your seeds.

Water meadow farmland is a piece of land that usually get flooded during rainy season, and dries up in dry season. If a piece of land is located very close to a river but isn’t being flooded during rainy season, then it belong to the upland farmland and not the water meadow.

NOTE: Yams in the Water meadows are are harvested immediately flood starts to approach it the next year.

Upland Farmlands: Lands that aren’t located near the river are cultivated immediately rainy season starts. This doesn’t mean that you can’t cultivate uplands at any time by irrigating your farmland on a daily basis, but due to inadequate water supply to certain areas, its best cultivated once rainy season sets.

So, If your land is located in the uplands, your cultivation should start immediately rainy season begins. Irrigation is very essential, despite in rainy season, you can still irrigate your farmland if you ain’t gonna mind.

Note: Yams cultivated in the uplands are harvested once their leaves start to dry up the coming year.

Yam Seedlings are gonna be made ready first, as its gonna determine the landmass and other factors. Getting yam seedlings could cost you some money as its a very big business, so, get some cash into your pocket and proceed to any nearby local market to get the yam seedlings. Some times it may not be available in the market you wanted to get it from, but this doesn’t mean you should just relax and sit back. If yam seedlings aren’t in the market, then endeavor to meet the yam sellers in the market for yam seedlings. Book an appointment with them and ask them to help you buy yam seedling which you will buy from them, you may also make them some advance payment to vindicate seriousness. They may tell you to come back on a particular date to pick your order, by so doing you could get the yam seedlings you’re in urgent requirement of. Yam seedlings could cost you around $0.4 – $1, it shouldn’t exceed $1 (around N100 – N350), though it strictly depends on the size. You could even get them at a cheaper rate but never above the maximum, the price strictly depend on the SIZE.

NOTE: Advance payment should be the last word you’d utter, and make sure you know the exact shop of the person you’re making the payment into his/her hands, just to avoid being scammed, its better you do this with elderly sellers, they’re less likely to scam.

What about the piece of land for your Farming, is it made ready??, clear the bush on your garden/farmland make your mounds/ridges and we’re good to go.

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