January 18, 2021
Agriculture: What is Mulching: How To Mulch Your Farmland | Importance

Agriculture: What is Mulching: How To Mulch Your Farmland | Importance

Covering of the soil surface with dead or dry leaves to help limitate the streak of dehydration is Mulching, in my own definition.

Agriculture: What is Mulching: How To Mulch Your Farmland

There are lot of reasons why you would like to mulch your farmland. Farmlands could be mulched to reduce the amount of water loss in soil or to turn maure when decayed. But Mulching does more than this, i will tell you more down this page.

Mulching is carried out with dead leaves usually gathered from weeding of farmlands. These grasses are then used to cover the crests of the ridges in the farmland, so when sun shines, these grasses stops it a little, then its not directly skewed to the ridge but those grasses.

Importance Of Mulching

Soil Water Reservation: Due to its hindrance to the direct impact of the sunshine on your farmland, mulching helps to save the soil water from dehydration. It keeps the earth beneath it, cool and ready for well being of our crops.

Manure: One of the greatest source of organic manure to farmland is Mulching. As these already dey leaves decay they become organic manure thereby helping the crops grow very well and healthy.

Harbours Farm Friendly Insects: due to the hash impact of the sun on the earth, these insects need a place to take shelter. They would always hide under these grasses used for mulching and will leave to carry out their God-given tasks.

How To Mulch Your Farmland

After weeding your farmland, gather the weeds and use them to cover the crests/peaks of the ridges on your farmland. Cover is round the root of the crop in your ridge, cover all the crest leaving only the stem of the crop in your ridge. This is called mulching and its very essential.

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