January 18, 2021
Add-On Domains: How To Use More Than One Domain in One Hosting Plan

Add-On Domains: How To Use More Than One Domain in One Hosting Plan

Perhaps, you are looking for how to add/host two or more domains(Websites/Blogs) in a hosting plan, then you’re in the right place. Here, i will teach you how to host more than one domain in just one hosting plan. You wouldn’t have to purchase one hosting plan for one domain, you can use three, five, ten, unlimited domain in a single hosting plan, depending on your package.

Add-On Domains: How To Use More Than One Domain

Add-on Domains, as it is being referred to, is an option left in the Cpanel to allow you use more than one websites in a single hosting plan. Some hosting plans didn’t allow add-on domain while some allow unlimited domains, the bigger your hosting package, the higher the number of add-on domains allocated to it. A 2$/monthly hosting plan can’t give you the same number of add-on domains as a 8$/monthly hosting plan, so try going for a higher package if you would wish to host more than a single website on it. Bluehost Hosting Company could give you a hosting service of UNLIMITED ADD-ON DOMAINS at a very cheap and affordable price, you can check it out here. I strictly recommend Bluehost always because, its the only Hosting Platform recommended by WordPress itself.

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So, with no waste of our precious times, i will teach you all you need to know and how to add add-on domains through your Cpanel.

How To Add Multiple Domains in a Hosting Plan

1) Change of Nameservers: The first thing in this process will be to change your nameservers to your hosting company’s nameserver. It may not begin to work as soon as you changed the nameservers, this takes hours to propagate in some situations.

2) Open your Cpanel anmd locate the “Add-on Domains” in your Cpanel to start with

3) Just enter your domain in the space provided in the first line and other spaces will be automatically filled.

*You may also need to create a custom email address (contact@yourdomain.com) for the domain you’re adding.

4) Click on “Create an FTP account associated with this Addon Domain” to unwrap more options. as seen below.

5) Fill in the spaces i.e email and password, then click on the “Create” button.

Bandwidth and Diskspace are factors of consideration when adding domains to one hosting plan. I told you, its best done with an unlimited hosting package. You can still checkout affordable Bluehost Unlimited Hosting Package.

I hope this tutor will help you know how to add many domains to a hosting plan. You can add as many domain as your hosting package allows, this is all.

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