January 18, 2021
How To: Add Multiple “Featured Posts” to Your Blog Using HTML Gadgets (Blogspot/WordPress)

How To: Add Multiple “Featured Posts” to Your Blog Using HTML Gadgets (Blogspot/WordPress)

For Those of us using blogspot blogs (Blogger), we are only allowed to feature only one post on our blog, don’t know very well about the WordPress users, but this trick is for all, WordPress and Blogspot users alike. This often turn a big problem for the Blogger users, when they wish to add more than one “Featured Posts”.

How To: Add Multiple “Featured Posts”

Very few or non of you know very well of how SEF (Search Enging Friendly) “Featured Posts” and “Popular Posts” Could be. The fact that Google bots crawl all the texts on your pages, including the comment section is an evidence to this claim. Sometimes, you see a web page rank high in Google search for a keyword that its not even discusing, this could be as a result of certain keywords in the search query matching with keywords in its Featured Posts. Adding many Featured Posts to your blog’s Side Bar, Footer or even the Header is not gonna slow down the loading speed, as long as you keep it on the minimum.

Featured Posts could be added to blogs, using the HTML gadgets. These HTML widgets/gadgets are among the the most vital gadgets/widgets on our blog. Despite been looked down on, its still satisfying our needs and proving its worth and capability. There are certain HTML tags you will apply to help this look pretty perfect. This will not demand you’d edit your blog’s theme/template, it will be done just using the blog’s HTML gadgets. Now lemme show you how its done in a step-by-step manner.

Step-by-Step Guide On How To Add Multiple Featured Posts to a Blog Using HTML Gadgets

1) Copy the link to the image you used for the post you want to make a featured post. Also copy the URL of the post you wish to feature and save them in a note pad.

2) Select HTML widget in the position where you want the Featured Post to appear.

3) Open the HTML widget to start writing what i will teach you below.

4) Here are the HTML tags that will help you make up the Featured Post.

<a  href=”URL of the post here”><img  src=”URL of the image here”  />Title of the Post here</a>

The above tags are what will make the featured post a reality. Replace the “Link of the Post here” with the link/URL of the post you want to feature. Then in the “Link of the Image here”, replace it with the link to the image you used for the post. Now, in the “Title of the post” replace it with the title of the post you are featuring. Click the save button and you’re done.

Once properly done, view your blog to see the Featured Post staring at you. Click on it and you will land on that post you entered its link. This is how adverts are being done by pro bloggers like you now, because you now know their secret. You can add as many Featured Posts as you wish, using this technique. Try keeping the number of Featured Posts on your blog at the maximum of eight (5), anything above this might negatively affect the loading speed of your pages.

The information i shared in this article is my personal method of adding Featured Posts to my blog, if there is another method you use in adding multiple Featured Posts to your blog, i will be glad to hear that from you. Thanks!

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